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According to tradition, the name Pontito can be traced back to a bridge built in Roman times by Tito Augusto. More recent speculation holds that it was named for the village’s patron saint, San Potito. In any case, records show Pontito’s existence since the 9th century.

Secluded on the crest of forested mountains in Tuscany, Pontito is the outermost village along the road leading from Pescia to the Appenine Mountains. Pontito’s beauty lies not only in its location,

but in its own structure, the decorations of its stone, and its monuments. A focal point of the village, the beautiful Romanesque church of SS Andrea and Lucia, was already recorded in the year 980. Its finely carved portal from the Renaissance age leads to an interior featuring columns from the 12th and 15th centuries, as well as a carved, 15th century baptismal font decorated with floral motifs and symbols of the four Evangelists.